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Custom Designed and constructed Sports Lockers

OakWood Sports Standard Football Lockers

 available to individually Customize

OakWood Sports Features and Add-ons available to individually Customize your Football Lockers:

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Renovations or New Builds for Football Lockers

 Always able to individually Customize

At Oakwood Sports, we can Design and Custom Renovate your existing Football Locker Room with any of the features listed above. 

We will Plan and Layout your Design Specs

for a Current or Future Bid Process. 

To inquire about the process:

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Football LOCKER Rooms 

OakWood Sports - Custom Designers and Builders of Football

Locker Rooms from Coast-to-Coast

  • Standard Stain Color
  • Custom Stain Colors
  • Lock Box with Finger Pull
  • Wire Pull
  • Zepher Lock
  • Master Lock
  • Hasp Lock m1124
  • Metal Venting
  • Plastic Inlay Logo
  • Seat Pad
  • Angle Front for Hockey
  • Frame Constructions
  • Hockey Stick Rack
  • Skate Hooks
  • Name Plate
  • Jersey Hooks
  • Starboard Seat
  • Shoulder Pad Rack
  • Closet Rod
  • Laser Cut Logo


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