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Our mission at OakWood Sports is to provide our clients with outstanding customer service and a product that will withstand the everyday wear and tear of an athletic locker room.  We want your lockers to last and in doing so, we only use the best material and hardware available.   With over 400 customer locker systems build and installed since 1991, OakWood Sports continues to provide only the best for our clients and their programs.  With our proven track record, you can buy your Basketball locker system with confidence and assurance. Our expertise in craftsmanship, quality control and customer service is second to none.  As Tom McGann, Director of Management and Operations for the University of Colorado put it: "Oakwood Sports; When it comes time for new lockers they are not up on the list, they ARE the list. "We are constantly looking to improve the quality of our locker systems by researching products and staying up to date with the best material and hardware on the market. We purchase our wood species from certified FSC vendors and our hardware is of the highest quality.  This allows our lockers to last, when others don't.   Furthermore, with over 40 years of design, engineering and construction knowledge in the locker industry, OakWood Sports has the capabilities to custom build your lockers.  Add a FIVE-year warranty, and you can be confident that the lockers will be taken care of and maintained for years to come. 

Basketball Locker Rooms Custom Built by OakWood Sports

Taking your locker room experience to the "Next Level!"

At Oakwood sports we understand how important locker rooms are for your Basketball team. First and foremost, comfort and functionality for your players; burt also as a showpiece for recruiting.